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Message of the Month - "He has risen! "




Isaiah 9:6

Prayer of Thanksgiving of God's Love

Dear Lord, Father God in heaven, the Maker of all creation, Holy and awesome is Thy name. Oh, how my heart sings that You should love me so! You, oh Lord, have given us such a precious gift in Your Beloved Son Jesus the Christ. For none was found more perfect in all of heaven and earth and beneath the earth but our Lord Christ Jesus. That He should die for our sins and cover us with His atoning blood.  Yet death could not hold Him, Sheol could not contain Him for He rose from the grave and appeared, talked and ate with the saints until He ascended to sit at Thy right hand and has been given everything and everyone in all the heavens and earth.  My I contiue to seek Your face oh Lord. To draw closer in my walk with Thee and keep all that my Lord, my God commands. For Thou art my Master, my Father in Heaven. May I glorify you in all that I do! Of this I pray in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.     Submitted by:  SM

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