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God Has a place in His house for you!


Worship Service Schedule


Pastor:  Rev. Roy "Skip" Miller, Ph.D.


Greeting - To welcome all members and visitors

Opening Prayer - Request for union with the Holy Trinity

Songs of Praise - Raising your voices in praise to God; the creator, Jesus Christ; the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit; of Life and Truth

Prayer before Communion - Praying for forgiveness and repentance of our sins

Communion - Sharing in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ

Homily - Readings from the Holy Bible and discussion

Invitation to Jesus Christ - For all to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your own true Savior

Closing Prayer - Giving Thanks and Praise to God and prayer requests

Announcements - Information on church activities, business, etc...


Youth Worship Service


The youth worship service is adapted for ages 12 - 17 (at this time)

Greetings, Opening Prayer, Songs of Praise

Homily, Closing Prayer and Announcements





Contact us by:  email -        Telephone - (832) 217 - 0289













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